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The Waterloo Pits

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Horseshoes as a spectator sport (2001 State Championship, Waterloo, NY)
A picture of the two former state champs in a game.
A shot of our pits from the inside of the playing area.
A nice shot of our pits from the fence lining the area.
Another picture of our pits from the inside, this one at the 2001 State Championship.

2003 State Championships

The Waterloo Ringers were lucky enough to host the 2003 State Championships. A few of the pictures, posted below, were originally from the New York State site.

Almost always a ringer at the 2003 State Championship.
The stand and it's support staff play a big part in making everything work well at Waterloo.
Squaring off against each other for a chance at the title, the road to the finals is a long one.

Harlen Olsen's Barn

During the winter season, the Ringers enjoy playing in Harlen Olsen's Barn, which he makes available for sanctioned league play and tournaments. Below is a picture of one of the squads, as well as Harlen himself.

The 2002-2003 Winter Pitchers.
Harlen always knows when he's thrown the game-winning double.

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