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Round Robin Schedules

Round robin schedules can be found after clicking the links below. After clicking the link, a resizable window with all tool bars will pop up with the schedules listed in image format. This helps preserve column spacing and makes it easier to copy the schedule.

You should be able to "copy" the image by "right-clicking" it; afterwards "paste" the schedule into any word processing program (Microsoft Word), or graphical tool (Microsoft Paint). When printing schedules involving 15+ players, it is recommended that you setup your printer to print in a "landscape" setting, and you may have to decrease page margin size in the "page setup" section to capture all columns on one page.

You can find "page setup" by clicking on "file" and scrolling down. If you have any problems, feel free to e-mail with questions.

Schedules with an odd number of players include a "BYE" for some matches.

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